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Advanced Business Security Services

Sound business practices include protecting your investment with a customized security solution, video surveillance and flood monitoring.

HAWK gives you the confidence to focus on the priorities of your business, assured in the knowledge that we are protecting your investment with a full security solution including comprehensive business security systems, seamlessly integrated surveillance cameras, alarm systems, security services, and flood monitoring. Highlights of some business security systems include:

  • Intrusion Monitoring

    Depend on Hawk's advanced systems and multiple monitoring centers to ward off trespassers and dispatch the police in the event of intrusion.

  • Open/Close Reports

    Track which employees are opening and closing your business with detailed daily time logs. Up to 32 employees can be monitored using unique codes. Reports are available in real-time via password protected 24 hour online access.

  • Video Surveillance

    While just the presence of a video surveillance system can sometimes deter theft, 24/7 video surveillance enables you to monitor dishonest employees and customers during your business' operating hours.

Secure your business now.

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