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Flood Alarm Monitoring

When there is a threat of flooding in Texas, you can receive real time alerts to any web-enabled device. If necessary, your water source can be shut off remotely at the onset of potential damage

One Burst Pipe Can Cost $15,000

But Peace of Mind Flood Alarm Monitoring Starts at Just 16¢ a Day.

Sometimes life can become unexpectedly expensive and aggravating... but some accidents can be avoided. HAWK has developed a range of affordable flood protection systems and flood alarm monitoring to protect your home, your bank account and your peace of mind. From Dallas-Fort Worth, to Austin, to San Antonio, Hawk is here for your home.

What Types Of Problems Cause Flooding In Your Home?

Even in Texas, burst pipes can happen when water freezes and expands in the pipe. The water has nowhere to go, and exerts catastrophic pressure on the pipe. Malfunctioning water heaters are also a major cause of flooding. When a heater leaks it has no way of sensing that the heater is full, so water will continue to flow into (and then out of) your heater.

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    850 Water main breaks are reported every day in the US.

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    70% Of Failures Are due to water heater tanks bursting or leaking.

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    $15,000 Is the average cost of repairing water damage after a flooding incident.

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    24 Hours - The time it takes for mold to start developing in water-damaged basements.

How Flood Alarm Monitoring Works

Hawk Home Security How Flood Monitoring Works

Flood Aware Flood Alarm Monitoring

Water sensors are strategically placed in your home to detect when there is a leak. Flood Aware is a unique home automation feature where you receive a real time alert via text message or phone call the moment that water is detected, so you can quickly stop the flow.

Flood Avert

The Flood Avert systems feature a special mechanism designed to automatically shut off the water supply when a leak has been detected. You will also receive a real time alert via text message or phone call.

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