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Protecting your safety, 24/7, is at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in providing the most advanced wireless home security services available, expertly installed by courteous and friendly technicians from your Texas neighborhood.

Wireless Security System

Wireless security systems ensure that your installation is easy and seamless without the need for drilling or re-wiring. As more and more people switch to cell phones as their primary source of communication, Cellular Monitoring through wireless security systems has become the new standard for home security system companies.

Protect Your Family

HAWK provides ironclad home security systems and state-of-the-art alarm monitoring to ensure unparalleled response times. HAWK wants to be the home security services company that you depend on to watch over your home every hour of every day, without fail.

Total Security Solutions

Home security systems utilize advanced technologies to provide you with a central hub, where our alarm systems experts are standing by to assist you and notify the appropriate response agency in the event of an emergency. If you are looking for more in-depth protection and control, HAWK offers GOHAWK, a home automation service, which gives you visibility and notifications about activities at your home. Change the temperature, turn on/off lights and receive notifications about activity in your home - such as when the kids come home from school.

National Power, Local Reach

HAWK is the leader in total home security services across Texas, including Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Tyler, Fort Worth and Plano. As a proud member of the My Alarm Center Network, we leverage the national power of My Alarm Center which means 24/7 customer support while maintaining our regional independence. Our outstanding local reputation is built upon expert security service technicians who are intimate with the unique needs of your neighborhood.

Cellular Alarm Monitoring

There are many benefits of home security systems that utilize cellular alarm monitoring to stay connected in any situation. This technology enables your connection to transmit on a separate, secure wireless network, so you can stay in constant communication with the central station when:
  • Power outages due to extreme weather
  • You change your telephone service provider or decide to get rid of your landline
  • Would be intruders cut your lines
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Secure Your Home

Ready to request a quote to secure your home? Fill out the security services request form or call us today at (844) 344-0047 and speak to a home security specialist to protect your Texas home.